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Minimum age 11 yrs old except at Coaches discretion.

Minimum attendance 8 hours per week for swimmers 11 years old must include one morning session each week.

Minimum attendance 9 hours per week for swimmers 12 years old  must include one morning session each week and attend weekly land training session.


Minimum attendance 11 hours per week for swimmers 13 years old must include one morning session per week and attend weekly land training session.

No change to current criteria that for swimmers 15 years old and upwards who have the ability and are invited to swim with the Squad do not have to meet the minimum hours requirement.

Punctuality - arriving 5 mins prior to session starting to do stretching on poolside.

Attend targeted Open Meet Competitions throughout the year

Attend extra sessions during the holiday periods in the swimming season when not at school.

Swimmers to record attendance on Biddulph A.S.C. website each week and ideally record content of session in Swim Diary and submit first Sunday of each month.


Academy Squad Criteria

Squad Structure.

Biddulph A.S.C. presently has 4 squads within its structure. As children develop, their training requirements change
and each requirement is met within their designated squad.
These squads are outlined here: 

1. Club Intro
This is our transitional group taken from swimmers who have graduated from swimming lessons, who wish to progress to learning to train. The emphasis for this group is on stroke and breathing technique. This group would be expected to swim twice a week.

2. Development
The focus in this squad is to concentrate on technique and an introduction to competitive Galas.  
Training is three times per week

3. Junior Squad
This squad is for those swimmers who have moved on from our development squad, the focus here is to develop more advanced technique such as tumble turns, stroke ratio, stream lining and so forth. There is also an emphasis on fitness and we would prepare these swimmers to compete in leagues such as the Staffs league.

4. Scorpio Squad

These are the swimmers who compete at County, Region & National level. Their work would revolve around preparation for selected competitions throughout the year as recommended by the Head Coach.
Selection for the Scorpio Squad is based on age, commitment, attitude, ability and achievements in competition.

This squad trains 8 – 16 hrs per week, depending on age, morning & evenings and includes dry land conditioning.

Masters Click for More
These are members 18yrs and over, who may compete in masters competition, to do so they must be Swim England cat 2 registered, otherwise Swim England cat 1 is acceptable.
With the coaches permission these swimmers may be members of the squad but they must be capable of the 15yrs criteria.