GDPR Compliance Statement / Privacy Policy.

Your data.

When processing data we undertake to do the following: The processing is lawful, fair and transparent. Transparent about what the data is being used for. Data is collected for a specific purpose. The data is necessary for the purpose. The data must be accurate and kept up to date. Data is not kept for longer than necessary. The data is kept safe and secure.

What data we collect:

1. We do not share data/sell data to other third parties. 2. As we do not share data, it is never transfered outside of the EU. 3. We ‘will’ share data only in circumstances where we are legally required to do so.  


1. Our website does NOT collect or store cookie information.

2. There are no data entry points on our website such as forms or tick boxes. We therefore do not collect tracking data or any other kind of web based data entries. Contact from us to you: 1. We do not contact members in any way including, by email, by surface post, by messaging services such as SMS, whatsapp, microsoft messenger, and similar apps. Or by telephone.

Contact from you to us:

1. You may contact us by use of popular messaging services. Once your conversation with us has ‘naturally’ terminated we delete such conversations as a matter of course. The company telephone is Biometrically and Password protected. The phone is never left un-attended. The phone is set to install security updates automatically as and when they become available.

2. We do not store your telephone number in the business phone. Please don’t be offended if you message us and we don’t initially recognise who you are.

Digital data:

1. We do not keep digital data.

2. Our data collection is paper based and is limited to those detailed in the section ‘What Data we collect’ above.

Will my personal data be secure?

1. We value your privacy. Your data is kept securely under lock and key.

Where can I file a request to access, rectify or remove my data?

1. If you wish to access your data that is processed through by us you can send a request in writing to us at the address lower down in this document. You must provide ID in both circumstances. We will not process data requests by telephone or email.

2. There is a £10 admin fee per data access request. Following your request for access, you can request rectification or removal of your data. This can be requested if:

• The personal data is incorrect;

• The personal data is incomplete or not relevant to the specific purpose for which it was collected;

• The personal data is used in violation of the law.

We undertake to answer your request within 14 working days.

Do you have other questions about how we deal with your data? Please write to: BASC, 22 The Uplands Biddulph Stoke on Trent ST87ER, We will be happy to assist you.